Being a landlord isn’t easy and tenants can cause all sorts of problems that make it take up more time than you had anticipated.

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If you’re fed up but you’re not quite ready to sell yet then read on below for some options as to what you can do.

Property management

Most estate agents will offer property management services which means that they will look after any issues that arise during the term of the tenancy, from things such as needing to get a plumber round to the tenant having lost the keys etc. Estate agents usually charge between 6% and 9% of the annual rent for this service however they will usually find the quickest and not necessarily the most cost efficient solution to any issues that arise.

​This also means you will still have to pay for any void periods (periods of time when the house isn’t rented out) should they arise and the cost of repairs.

Rental guarantee

Rental guarantee schemes offer an alternative to property management which means you’ll be covered for any void periods as the scheme will give you a set amount each month, whether there are tenants in the property or not. You will still need to pay for any repairs though.

If you would like advice on how to investigate these solutions further please get in touch.

In addition to this, on a set number of properties each year, we offer a solution that combines both of these options so that you can get a guaranteed income on your rental property without the hassle of paying bills and carrying out repairs as well.

We tailor these solutions to each individual therefore if you’d like to discuss your specific needs further please contact us on info@thepropertybuyingexperts.com